Junior(s) (under 13 yrs)
Fees - 2018

Fees are due to be paid by the end of the second week of each Term, or if paying monthly then 1st day of
each month.

Standard Members can attend up to 2 classes  per week based on their age group.  
Premium Members can attend as many classes as they like.   It is up to the member to take advantage of the
training that is available. The more practice you put in the better you will be.

Brown Belt Juniors may be able to train in the Senior classes if agreed to by Sensei Murray Simpson.  

Only invited members can participate in Squad Training or Kobudo (weapons) Classes and they must be
Premium Members.

Additional fees are payable for gradings, seminars or other special events

TERM FEES (including GST) are:
Grading Fee

Each time a student grades a fee is usually charged.  The standard fees are:

Juniors/Students                  $30.00
Adults                                  $40.00

The above fees are subject to change.

Black Belt grading fees are charged by the Instructor conducting the grading and
will vary according to grade being tested for.
Karate Remuera
Family Rate
The maximum payable by a Family is:
Where there is more than one person from the same Family the subsequent
members pays:
are available but only if
paid in Term 1.
See Sensei Murray
Simpson for details